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     Children in the System
 Children who are removed from their homes are done so because their parent, or care givers, have made a serious mistake. Many times, the reason is drug related.  A parent may be arrested for possession, abuse or distribution of illegal drugs.  Sometimes the problem is even worse - their parents have failed them through emotional, physical or sexual abuse.  Regardless of the circumstance, these children deserve love, respect and help. 
Foster Care is one of the wonderful systems through  which children are supported. BUT WHAT HAPPENS when it becomes time for them to go out into the world and be on their own for the first time?  Many are handed a brown paper bag, and the last words they hear are "good luck" as they are politely shown the front door. 
Walk Their Shoes, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) organization who specializes in assisting these children, based on individual needs.  
Meet "Julie''. . .  her father is in prison. . she hasn't seen her mother in years - and this is a good thing !  She was taken into Foster Care at the age of 10. She is aging out next month and is doing so well !! She deserves love and she deserves respect !!
Mostly, she needs YOUR help !!

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